There isn’t much unity in the United States these days. Resentment, bitterness, anger, and hatred in people from the left and the right are growing exponentially by the day. The liberal media is flaming hatred against conservatives; and the conservative media is flaming hatred against liberals. The days leading up to the War for Southern Independence were no more volatile than the days in which we live today. America is literally tearing itself apart.
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On any given day, any major American city could–and often does–become a war zone. In fact, more people are killed in America’s big cities than are killed in active combat zones overseas. Beyond that, more U.S. servicemen kill themselves than are killed by enemy combatants.

At the same time, the Trump White House has quickly taken us to the precipice of World War III. While claiming to fight terrorism, Trump is sending over $500 million (the actual figure is up in the billions) of military aid to one of the BIGGEST sponsors of terrorism in the Middle East: Saudi Arabia. He is helping Saudi Arabia commit genocide against the people of Yemen; he is launching missiles into Syria; he is bombing Syrian troops (these troops are among the ones truly fighting ISIS); he is shooting down Syrian jets; he has U.S. and NATO troops playing war games on Russia’s borders; and he is all but promising to go to war with one of Russia’s closest allies, Iran–and for what? Donald Trump is doing just about everything a U.S. president can do to ignite war with Russia (so much for his campaign promise to foster friendship with Russia).

Whether Trump is naive, foolhardy and reckless or whether he is a brilliant globalist plant who–along with a faux opposition media (and a gullible conservative media)–pulled off a masterful deception on the American people, only God knows. It really doesn’t matter. The results are the same: America is on the verge of exploding–internally and globally.

This is surreal.

Here is what’s nagging me like an itch that won’t go away: Contrary to his campaign rhetoric of wanting to “drain the swamp,” Trump has loaded his administration with establishment toadies, neocons, and globalists. These are the same ones who are ostensibly giving him so much trouble now. Like Trump was not smart enough to know what these people were all about before he appointed them? And the one to watch out for the most is Vice President Mike Pence.

Right now, the subject being talked about the most in private discussions inside the Beltway is that Trump is going to resign and turn all of this chaos over to Pence, who will then be the hero who will restore calm and stability to D.C.–and restore the globalists’ quiet control over the U.S. government at the same time (Trump has already put their lackeys in place). Make no mistake: Mike Pence is a trusted globalist insider.

“Far fetched,” you say? Maybe or maybe not. Either way, at this moment, America is edging toward both civil and global war. And that is a FACT.

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