If greed is the primary problem behind rising health care costs why does the greed of capitalism produce lower consumer prices in every single product or service other than health care? How can computer prices continue to drop? Surely the greedy companies would charge as much as they can for computers, agriculture, phones, televisions etc..? How is it that greed to make profit is driving prices down? which is the case of course in every case but health care. I dont think I have ever had a third party negotiate an arbitrary non listed price for a laptop or hotel room. Then of course prices would spiral out of control…..

Health care is the only product or service where we use a third party to negotiate an unknown,hidden, negotiable secret price of a procedure or service. Booking a hotel, airline, massage, virtually anything is fairly transparent and competitive.

I would like to see an experiment in Capitalism when it comes to health care since there are no set prices, medicare does not exist and there is no third party paying for the services.

Have you every compared prices of any medical procedure on an app with ratings before deciding on a doctor? I doubt it. And some people call that “Capitalism”, that is comical.
Image result for comparing health care costs meme

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