I  have read a lot of blogs and articles about people who do not “say no” enough.  We indeed agree to many things which we do not have the energy or time to do. This is healthy and something that needs to be put into practice if it you are a person who just says yes all the time to things that end up overwhelming you.

Sometimes though when we are looking for a path or a new vision for our lives we need to “say yes” to someone or a task we might not ordinarily do. A specific example is today I agreed to drive 2 ladies about 150 miles to Atlanta for a trip they are taking. This task (or opportunity) came out of a conversation my wife had with her hair dresser (who I am taking). I am only charging a small fee that is less per hour than what I would make if I stayed in town and did something easier. However in saying yes to this there could be another conversation or interaction that could lead to something else. This is also a form of giving which is always positive. This came from another similar task I did going to Lansing Michigan to pickup a truck for a friend.

In our daily lives we do not want to overextend ourselves. However if we are looking for different results in our lives and we want to self improve then sometimes we just need to say yes particularly if it feels right in your gut (intuition, third eye etc…)

Sometimes say yes and get outside of your comfort zone.


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