I am convinced that many, if not MOST, of these Christian statists today would applaud the imprisonment and execution of the likes of the great Christian theologian and freedomist Dietrich Bonhoeffer all over again–not to mention the great martyrs of church history including Stephen, the apostle James, Polycarp, Justin Martyr, John Wycliffe, John Huss, Savonarola, William Tyndale, et al.

This Sunday is July 2. That is the day that the Continental Congress passed the Declaration. I have a challenge for you: THIS SUNDAY, ask your pastor if he believes that our Founding Fathers sinned when they rebelled against the British Crown and declared their independence. ASK HIM. if he stutters or admits he thinks they did, why would you STAY in such an unbiblical church?

Jeffress 2

It is VERY important for Christians to leave these churches that promote this damnable doctrine of unlimited submission to the state–and I mean right now. Pastors who continue to preach this devilish doctrine are facilitating the destruction of liberty in America. They are helping to put shackles around the necks of our children and grandchildren.

I realize that there are many sincere Christians out there who believe that all their pastor and church must do is preach the Gospel, win souls, etc., and America will be healed. They are sincerely mistaken.

America can never be saved by the White House. It can only be saved by the church house. Yet the vast majority of Christians seem to be looking for national salvation from a president and ignoring the cowardice and complacency of the one to whom God has entrusted with the responsibility of being the nation’s watchman: their own pastor.

And as is always the case: when the light of truth is turned off in a nation, the darkness of error quickly envelops the land. Accordingly, the errors of socialism, militarism, corporatism, neoconism, statism, and Zionism have become sacrosanct in America–including in a majority of America’s churches.

More and more, the same man who is my brother is also my enemy.

Chuck Baldwin


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