The real question is does a person or state have a right to peacefully Dissociate or Secede from another. Most Americans want a double standard here, mainly when it comes to the Civil War There is an inability to separate the crime of slavery with the concept of peaceful secession or “states rights”
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The Marijuana laws recently passed currently demonstrate the states are yet again blatantly disregarding Federal “Law of the land” as these laws are in direct violation of Federal drug laws. Its comical the Federal government has taken no action against this blatant treason by state legislatures. This is particularly surprising given the fact in public school I was taught over and over “we already fought a war over states rights vs federal and it has been settled”

I have always said secession will be a totally different animal in this country without the crutch of slavery on the table for the Federal Government. We probably can all agree Lincoln would not have been able to get away with what the habitual violations of the US Constitution had it not been for using slavery as the reason (oddly much like terrorism is used currently since 2001). The Marijuana laws prove that. If the Federal Government were indeed serious about its power it would never allow such blatant violations of Federal Drug Law by not one but now dozens of states right? The left is pretty quiet about this issue of states rights regarding marijuana.

“What is not up to the states ever is whether or not a drug is legal,” Reiman says. “But that was challenged with Colorado and Washington in 2012 — they became the first states to pass by voter initiative the fact that adults could legally use marijuana in those states and they could license the commercial sales of marijuana, which was in direct violation of all the history of the federal government.”

So recent marijuana legalization has really blurred those historical dividing lines. Essentially, all of the state marijuana programs — both medical and otherwise — only exist at all because the federal government is allowing them to exist. And there’s really no guarantee that the federal government will continue to respect those states’ decisions. “Nothing says the states have the right to make these decisions — that’s the conflict that still exists,” Reiman says. “If the federal government decides they want to enforce schedule 1 status of cannabis, regardless of what the state wants, they have the right to do that.”

The case against Larry Harvey’s family has become a cause to celebrate with in the cannabis community, which views it as a good example of the continued conflict between state and federal pot laws. Washington state In the summer of 2014 allowed to access to purchase marijuana for recreational use legally, however the raid on the Harvey’s house went down in August 2012. And Congress late last year properly barred the Justice Department from getting in the way with states that have medical cannabis systems.

Legalization advocates state it is a case of misunderstood federal pot laws and overzealous prosecutors not able or unwilling to understand the reality that average Americans would rather like to see people who use cannabis left alone.

Pot growers face charges — in state where pot is legal

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