This new evidence represents the highest, reddest and biggest flag raised to this day concerning the premature introduction of GMOs in our environment, i.e. before solid scientific backing was obtained.

Among the obvious stingers of these findings, for us Canadians in particular, lies the fact that one of the GMO crops used during this study, the Monsanto NK603, has been allowed in the Canadian food system by Health Canada since 2001. For almost 12 years now, this crop and a fair amount of other GM food, have been making their way through the maze of our food processing systems. With corn derivatives having become the ingredients of predilection in almost all processed food, very few cornerstones of our modern food system remain untouched by the findings of this study.

The way GMOs have been creepily introduced into our food chain is quite baffling. I mean, you’d think that integrating a foreign body into our food without having carried out the most reasonably extensive studies common sense can buy would raise at least a little concern from our government. Many countries of the European Union are GMO-Free zones. Remember, when talking about GMOs, we are not talking about the good old selection techniques that saved us from starvation and allowed us to march on the evolution path. No. We are talking about these techniques’ archenemy, the Magneto to Professor Xavier, the Bane to Batman, the science to the Harper government.

In a sensible world, even dreaming of playing God with the most essential elements of our human survival would result in a generous backhand in hopes of snatching the delusional dreamer out of his daze. But sadly, the truth is that we are actually living this corporately induced nightmare, where bad turns to worse, and where our cherished memories of a government willing to go to bat for us get blurrier by the minute.

So we are forced to ask, “how?” How did our government allow us to become the mice of Monsanto’s own experiments, experiments it seems pressed to conduct on the wider population?

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