A powerful Senator – a member of the Armed Services and Judiciary Committees, the Subcommittee on Defense of the Appropriations Committee, and Formerly on the Select Committee On Intelligence (Lindsey Graham) – asked the general counsel for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence:

  • If the government was spying on him
  • Whether his identity had been “unmasked”
  • And whether this information could be used for blackmail by politicians who didn’t like him
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The counsel for the intelligence agency refused to respond.

What should we make of that?

Washington’s Blog asked the highest-level NSA whistleblower of all time – Bill Binney– what he thought.

Binney responded:

They won’t tell him because his communications with foreigners and domestically [background] are being collected and probably targeted. That’s why they don’t ever want to tell senators or representatives or the president or federal judges etc. their communications are collected and scanned.


Further, they won’t tell them how many US citizens are in their databases … again because it’s about 280 million by my estimates.


All of these acts are crimes against the constitution and laws of the US which should put them in jail. (see attached)


These letters are a direct violation of the intelligence acts of 1947 and 1978. But, who cares, the intelligence community runs the US government anyway.

The two letters Binney sent to us are attached at the end of this post. The first letter – to NSA whistleblower Russel Tice – says that he can’t talk to anyone in Congress about what’s really going on.

The second letter – to Senators Wyden and Udall, both on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence – says that the NSA can’t reveal how many Americans it has spied on because that would “likely impede NSA’s mission” and “would itself violate the privacy of US persons.”

Binney continued:

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