Those were the words from my father on the other end of the line that spring afternoon about 5:15 PM. The words spoken drenched in anger and hate would transform not only my life but the lives of my wife and young daughter and countless others forever. How could my seemingly “normal” family turn into a nightmare of hate, lies, division, and confusion?Why were those words the consequences of being truthful? My view of family, faith, religion and “doing the right thing” would be forever shattered then later rebuilt in the coming years.

The divorce between my sister and her husband Rob had been going on for 3 months. I knew my sister would go all in with her attempts to slander and lie about Rob. I knew this because like most siblings, we know these types of things about our brother or sister. She also told me this to my face when she first learned Rob her husband had landed a job back in his hometown. Showing up at our house that fall afternoon she said she had a problem and she did not want to move back to Paducah Kentucky. Rob had landed a job there so he could finally get back and more importantly get my sister and his daughter away from the violent criminal she had cheated on him with. I had watched for decades as my sister would manipulate my father through emotional guilt and lies to get her way then laugh about it later. This is not something uncommon or unique I certainly understood that. Living with secret information about someone’s marriage is difficult. My wife and I knew their first child was born as a result of an affair my sister had with an old boyfriend. We carried this information with us not telling anyone for many reasons. One of those was because Rob my brother in law was doing the right thing, the noble thing being her father anyway. This was something at the time I was not even sure I could do if this same thing had happened to me. There was no reason to say anything because nothing positive cold come from talking about this with anyone.

This secret among many other events would soon lead to devastation I could have never imagined. I was fully aware at the time my father like many,  favored my sister. We all know the common phrases like “daddy’s girl”. This story is one that would take the saying “blood is thicker than water” and smash it into bits…..
To Be Continued


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