#1 “I dont want to see yall (you, wife, and your daughter) ever again” after learning I wrote a truthful statement regarding a siblings divorce.

#2 “You are not welcome on my property again” my daughter was wanting to attend her cousins birthday party at his house, we rode by and saw the trampoline and bouncy house.

#3 “Have fun at work while we are in Alaska” our entire family was supposed to go on a retirement trip to Alaska our tickets were canceled.

#4 “There is a hurricane coming your way, wait until we get your butt’s on the stand” we never testified in court to anything, he was embarrassed by an attorney of an in law.

#5 “Yea I just went down to see my lawyer about the will, hehehehehe” any possible land or inheritance removed.

#6 “I never said or did any of that, quit telling people you are not allowed on my property”

#7 “Your grandmother said she would have disowned you too”

#8 “Dont quote any scripture to me, you dont go to church like we do every week”

#9 “I dont know if your sister had your mom in the car when she was buying crack, you need to mind your own business”

#10 “_____________________    ” on my daughters birthday, holidays and special milestones.

Example that telling the truth can have serious consequences but is sometimes necessary for a more important greater good and justice particularly when children are involved.


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