Inside the Sandy Hook classrooms— What Crime?

This is an OUTSTANDING ANALYSIS of the school

Megatronics Media

Deceptions are much easier when the facts are swirling around rumors and emotional reactions. No solution of contradictions was part of the strategy and purposely used to create confusion and conspiracy theory. That would be the successful exploitation of the natural tendency for people to see things differently. This crime needed this buffer of denial on both fronts and the media made sure that it happened, as did the real planners of the crime itself. Taking a long break from the “incident” allows a fresh perspective to help discern other factors which escaped scrutiny. The official report did very little to support the official narrative, or even prove the most basic of facts.

Mass murder is not clean and neat.

The most glaring fact derived from these inside-classroom pictures is the lack of bullet-holes, properly identified as such. No markers at all for the hundreds of rounds fired-off [so claimed]…

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