Of course this list like any is more for discussion and enjoyment than rating. This list is not based on video quality but primarily audio first, then video. I have included a concert from almost each era. Sit back and listen to any or all of these full shows. What deserved to be on the list?

Image result for radiohead live

#1 Radiohead
Great Stage Park, Manchester, TN, USA
Bonnaroo Festival 2006
June 17th, 2006

#2 Radiohead
Glastonbury Festival 1997
June 28th, 1997
Ok Computer Tour

#3 Radiohead
Glastonbury Festival 2003
Worthy Farm, Pilton, England

#4 Radiohead
Radiohead – Saitama 2008 [TV Broadcast]

#5 Radiohead
Chicago, IL, USA
Broadcasted on JBTV

#6 Radiohead
Beacon Theatre NY
6/5/2003 MTV 2$ Bill Show

#7 [DVD] Radiohead – Hammerstein Ballroom/10 Spot
12/19/1997 New York (All Tracks From Ok Computer Played)

#8 Radiohead
23rd August 2009
Prague 2009 [Full Concert]

#9 Radiohead
Radiohead For Haiti – January 24, 2010 – Complete Show

#10 Radiohead
Nimes 2012-07-10 – [Full Show Multicam] – N1 – [HQ Audio] – First Show After Collapse

#11 Radiohead
[DVD] Radiohead – San Francisco 1998 [Full Concert]

#12 Radiohead
Radiohead’s performance at the Astoria in 1994. One of the best pro shot recordings from around that era.

#13 Radiohead
Radiohead 2017-06-30 Rock Werchter 720p

#14 Radiohead
Radiohead from the Basement 2011

#15 Radiohead
HiFi Buys Amphitheatre, Atlanta, GA, USA
October 6th, 2003
Hail to the Thief Tour

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