Statist logic, the dangerous steep hill with no steps at all is better than the unapproved steps with a rail built by a citizen trying to peacefully improve conditions for fellow citizens because government estimated cost of steps at 65k. Steps were built without stealing from his fellow citizens. 

I think because Statits defend taxation they actually don’t like seeing simple things being solved without government theft and waste. This of course is just another example of Stockholm Syndrome from tax slaves. Statists do not like seeing free market solutions to things government do. That creates cognitive dissonance. Now many statists do love paying extremely low prices for electronics and technology based on free market price competition.

Let’s talk police. Many people are terrified of a non government run security / police force. This private version could have multiple functions. Some could focus solely on actual violent crimes, some on domestic disputes, traffic collisions and not entrapment operations etc.. Those decisions could actually be deligated by the people contracting them. Let’s say a county decided they did not want their police using their time arresting people for plants, suspicious walkers, rabid foxes etc… 
The big scary assumption is that this horrible private police would be totally out of control. They would brutalize people, target certain types of people shoot innocent people’s dogs, kill people on high speed chases that are in the way. They might even just shoot people on traffic stops. Then who would hold them accountable?? Well I don’t know but that’s the current scenario and its under government control. The courts certainly do not handle their cases without bias. Every market solution’s boogie man assumption is usually the exact current state of it under government.

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