Black Crowes fans have been in withdrawal waiting on some top shelf rock n roll. The Magpie Salute have finally landed in the states and are delivering that much needed fix.  After one night in Indianapolis the band are playing two in Chicago at the legendary Metro. Custard Pie & My Morning Song were two of many highlights last night.

Image may contain: night and outdoor

Rich Robinson flies again with The Magpie Salute

  1. Black Moon Creeping

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  2. Play Video

  3. Play Video

  4. Play Video

  5. Play Video

  6. Play Video

  7. (Led Zeppelin cover)

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  8. Acoustic
  9. (Rod Stewart cover) (Acoustic)

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  10. (Buffalo Springfield cover) (Acoustic)

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  11. (The Black Crowes cover) (Acoustic)

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  12. (The Black Crowes cover) (Acoustic)

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  13. Electric
  14. Play Video

  15. (War cover)

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  16. Play Video

  17. Play Video

  18. (Hookah Brown cover)

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  19. Play Video

  20. Play Video

  21. Play Video

  22. Play Video

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