My theory on what we call “bad drivers”

We see constantly the posts about state’s like SC having “the worst drivers” etc..This is a complex issue primarily because so many people are moving to states like SC from all over the country.

Let me explain. I read posts about road rage. Some of them simply mention that people are “poking” or simply implying cars are not driving fast enough. This begins my theory that perhaps people have different definitions of what “bad driving” means.

The most simple observation I have made is that when I am driving I would estimate 3 out of 4 cars around me are habitually driving over the speed limit (yes 3-5 over). It is safe to say that people who frequently speed by sheer math have to make up at least a large portion of the people who claim other drivers “cant drive”. So we have an issue already. If you get in your car and drive over the speed limit every time you drive you are by law not driving properly. 
If someone is on a 2 lane road or 4 lane road (in the right lane) and driving the speed limit or just below it that is proper driving. You can not accuse someone who is following posted speed limits of “bad driving” by speed alone. Only if they are cruising in the passing lane at a low rate of speed.
Merging is a common complaint. I think this is definitely a point of confusion. If you are merging onto another road it is up to YOU to get into traffic. If someone does not move out of YOUR way, it may be inconsiderate but it is actually correct. 
“No Turn On Red” I have had people blow their horns at me for not turning right at a red light with a “no turn on red” sign posted. Then I will observe 3 cars in a row ignore this sign and turn right.

Are they calling me a “bad driver” when they blow their horn at me for obeying traffic laws? When in fact they are the “bad drivers” for not obeying traffic signs. 
Then I think many things we can all agree on. Not using turn signals is an epidemic I will never understand. Blocking an intersection when you pull out knowing traffic is backed up then being stuck in the middle of it is a massive problem here.
My personal pet peeve is when I am on a highway, I move into the left lane to pass a car that is driving a pretty set speed. 50% of the time the car as I approach to pass will gain speed to match mine. Then I will have to increase 5mph faster now im running side by side with the car that was just previously going 10mph slower just before I went to pass. I have been in the car with people who do this when someone goes to pass them and have pointed out they sped up and asked why. Usually they do not even seem to realize they did sped up. It was as if it was a built in thing to speed up and not let the car pass as if they were in a race. This one I dont understand and really pisses me off.
And of course the classic just pulling out in front of someone.

And the coming to a complete absolute stop before making a simple right turn.
Feel free to add your theories.

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