Members of the S.C. Secessionist Party and the Black Nationalist Movement stood side by side Tuesday. (Source: Live 5)


Two very different groups joined forces outside Charleston City Hall Tuesday to send a unified call for peace and civil conversations amid racial tensions.

The South Carolina Secessionist Party and the Charleston Black Nationalist Movement challenged people on both sides of issues of race, the Confederate flag and monuments issues to avoid violence and come together to have real conversations.

“I know this is a very awkward scene,” Shakem Amen Akhet, of the Charleston Black Nationalist Movement, said. “Never before have you seen these two separate factions together standing at one podium.”

Akhet said both groups have had discussions about Confederate monuments coming down.

“We have come to the understanding that even though we disagree on a lot of subjects, we have to make sure there is no sort of violence that erupts in the city,” Akhet said. “This is a very touching subject, and when you start talking about the history of slavery and the history of oppression and you start talking about soldiers in the Confederacy, there is a lot of emotion that it automatically emits.”

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