Highly recommended, this talk by Monica Lewinsky around the subject of online shaming and cyber-bullying. I've never had the occasion of meeting Ms. Lewinsky but have long respected her courage and now here, in this talk, she has turned to advocacy to help others who have been shamed by a culture that often celebrates ruin through invasions to privacy and how it affects those most vulnerable (particularly our children). An absolute must watch if you want to help affect positive change or have been affected, as so many have, by the negative shifts in our cultural landscape. And lastly, I applaud Ms Lewinsky for encouraging myself to consider (with empathy) where I have been aggrieved personally and professionally but have also have stood with the cheering mob. Something I think all of us should, with deep compassion, consider in terms of human cost. Link is here for her speech, which lasts some 20 minutes: https://www.ted.com/talks/monica_lewinsky_the_price_of_shame/up-next

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