Kratom Seller List and Links To Vendors

Top 50 with Price Per Gram, Links, Codes, Deals!

The Kratom_Vendors List: ~ Online Vendors only, must have a business website on the WWW.

  • Open to new customers with no Private Membership required, and no Waiting List.
  • Open for business with a variety of strains available in stock, ready to ship.
  • Stock a Medium package size, Quarter Kilo or similar; larger than 150g and smaller than 350g.
  • No Pop-up vendors! History of Positive recent reviews (3 months) NO unresolved complaints!
  • Price within lowest 40% percentile of ALL vendors. Currently: 0.20 gram @ Quarter Kilo or similar.
    PPG includes $6 Shipping cost. Current example: Limit $40 per Quarter Kilo.

PPG ~ Shipped. Round to nearest whole penny. Size = Grams. Please Contact each vendor for detail on available strains, splits, samples, products, promotions, discounts, et cetera. NO vendors endorsed or recommended. Caveat Emptor, this List is provided as A Public Service! Please use Search Bar on reddit for Vendor Reviews.

Information collected March 2018 by r/Kratom_Vendors subreddit research. Thank You!

CODES: ~ See Below ~ B= Blends, C= Caps, F= Free-Ship, L= Crushed, O=Other, S= Samples, X= Extracts, Z= Split Kilos.

Current Status, Stock Updates for ( March 2018 ) under Notes column. NR= Non Reddit

Vendor Size PPG Strain Codes Notes
Acadica Kratom 250 0.10 Green JongKong: C,F,L,S,Z: LOW
Enhanciosa 250 0.11 MD Jong Kong: S,X,Z:
Herbal-RVA 250 0.11 Red Ketapang: L,Z:
Kratomind USA 250 0.11 Green Borneo: L,X,Z,S+:
Mystic Island 250 0.11 Green Elephant: B,S,X,Z:
Treasure House Botanicals 250 0.11 Modern Green MD: A,C,F: NR
Botanical Bunny 250 0.12 Wild Green: L,Z,S+ NEW
Canopy Botanicals 250 0.12 Red Sumatra: B,L,X,Z:
Caleb’s Concentrates 250 0.12 Red Maeng Da: C,S,X,Z:
Centennial Harvest 250 0.12 Green Sumatra: S,Z: NEW
Fresh Alternative 250 0.12 Red Maeng Da: F,O,S,Z:
Gaia Ethnobotanical 250 0.12 Red Dragon: B,C,S,X:
Gothic Kratom 250 0.12 Red Bali: A,S+: LOW
Herbaldom 250 0.12 Green Horn: B,L,S+:
Kats Botanicals 250 0.12 Wild Green: A,S,X: NR
Kraydo Organics 250 0.12 GMD Matcha: X,Z,S+:
Mitragation Solutions 250 0.12 Gold Bali: X:
Mystic Gypsy Apothecary 250 0.12 Super Green: B,S:
Okie Kratom 250 0.12 Green Papua: B,F,X,Z,S+
Precious Mitre 250 0.12 Green Malay: B,Z:
Socal Herbal Remedies 250 0.12 Red Hulu Kapuas: B,X,Z,S+
The Greenery 250 0.12 Green Ketapang: A,S,X:
Best Blends 250 0.13 Power Blend: B,S,Z:
Garuda Kratom 250 0.13 Wild Green: S:
Batala Botanica 250 0.14 Red Elephant: A,L,Z:
EC Botanicals 250 0.14 Red Horn: B,C,S:
Garden Of Eden 250 0.14 Green Monster: B,C,X,Z: LOW
Greg’s Botanicals 250 0.14 Green Banjar: B,C,S+X,Z:
Kramart 250 0.14 Elephant Borneo: S+Z:
Kratom Virtue 250 0.14 Green Horn: C,O,X: LOW
LI Herbals 250 0.14 Green Kali: B,C,S+X,Z:
Magnum Opus Botanicals 250 0.14 MOB Red Maeng Da: C,X:
One Stop Herbal Shop 250 0.14 Red Maeng Da: S,X,Z:
Texas Herbs & Botanicals 250 0.14 Red Sulawesi: B,S,X,Z:
Vivid Organics 250 0.14 Red Dragon: C,Z: NEW
Bee’s Botanicals 250 0.16 Red Sulawesi: B,S:
EE Botanicals 250 0.16 Green Metang: B,X,Z: NR
Herbal Salvation 250 0.16 Green Bali: X,S+
Creative Herbal 200 0.17 Green Ketapang: A,P:
Herbal Mind 250 0.17 Red Dragon: B,L,S,X,Z: NR
VIP Kratom 226 0.17 Red Dragon: B,S,Z: NR
Herbal Kratom Powder 250 0.18 Green Malaysian: P:
Krabot 250 0.18 Green Maeng Da: C,L,X,S+
Legit Kratom 250 0.18 Green Malay: A,B,C,S: NR
Sourced By Masochista 250 0.18 House White Hulu: L,S: NEW
Stan David Botanicals 226 0.18 Super Duper Green: B,S,X,Z: NR
Super Speciosa 250 0.18 Green Malay: S:
Inland Botanicals 250 0.19 Green Horn: S+:
Kratom-OG 200 0.19 Green Asia: X,Z,S+ NEW
Oregon Kratom 226 0.20 Green Elephant: C,S+:
Valkyrie Botanicals 224 0.20 Green Dragon: A,S,Z:


F= Free Shipping!
A= Added. A vendor recently Added to this List.
C= Capsules, vendor offers Capsule kratom products.
L= Crushed Leaf, vendor offers Crushed Leaf kratom products.
O= Other Herbs, or variety botanical products such as CBD oils available. 
S= Sample Packs, vendor offers low price Sampler product with many strains.
X= Extracts, vendor offers kratom Extract, herbal Tincture, or Enhanced Leaf.
Z= Split Kilos, vendor offers a discount for 1000 grams at Split Kilo price.

Updates Below ~ Also! Please see our Indo Suppliers Listing, and Sample Pack Listing!

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